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Private Investigations


Important factors used to affix fees, costs, rates, quotes and prices:

Private investigator rates, costs, fees, prices and quotes may vary depending on the complexity of the investigations and the costs involved. Please read the below for common expense factors in determining the retainer or deposit requirements for any investigation. Our private investigators may require to achieve a successful and results driven case.

  • Private investigators rates vary depending on experience of the private investigators and the jurisdiction in which the case is being worked. Rates generally reflect the costs for private investigations can also vary.
  • Fees may vary depending on the sources of the information and the common expenses for investigations. Sometimes we may be required by informants to "pay-off" them for information. (i.e. common with informants and snitches)
  • Prices for information can vary depending on the type of information. (i.e. driving records may cost less than federal criminal searches). Also the the logistics involved can be a factor with the case needs.
  • Quotes are typically a combination of fees, costs, rates, and prices. Quotes will typically include all common expenses and will include a 5-10% rounding up for unanticipated expenses.
  • MASI accepts all forms of payments, including credit cards

Start a Private Investigator Free Consultation Request using our online Information Form or call (800) 341-0919 24hrs.

For a complete range of private investigation service.

All contracted surveillance assignments are handled in a confidential and discreet manner by the highly skilled and experienced private investigator at My Armor Services Incorporated our investigators understand the need for surveillance in order to reveal the truth of a situation. You can be confident that our determination, diligence and attention to detail will reveal what you need to know.

Our investigators are also aware of the sensitive legal issues regarding surveillance and will ensure that your desire to use the carefully obtained information in litigation is not jeopardized

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