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Notary Public


As a Notary bonded, I pledge to uphold this Creed of Integrity with every official act I perform. I pledge to constantly and without waiver maintain a professional demeanor and act responsibly and honorably by upholding the following ethical principles:

  • I will empower myself with professional Notary training, continuous education, and the expertise of this Company.
  • I will empower myself with professional Notary training, continuous education, and the expertise of this Company.
  • I will diligently follow Notary law, practices, and procedures, following established protocol proven to protect myself and the public I serve.
  • I will prove the identity and require the personal appearance before me, at the time the notarization takes place, of every signer requesting a Notary act.
  • I will verbally administer an oath or take a spoken acknowledgement for each Notary act performed.
  • I will protect the client's confidentiality and privacy at all times, unless mandated by law or in a matter of any threat to national security.
  • I will conscientiously maintain a current and complete journal of all Notary transactions.
  • I will never abuse my official capacity for any personal gain or at any request, and will never perform any notarial act when I am personally involved in the transaction.
  • I will take measures to determine that the signer before me understands the transaction taking place, and if the signer does not understand, I will decline to notarize until comprehension is attained through an attorney or trusted source other than myself.
  • I will carefully maintain security of my Notary seal and journal, and never allow their use by another person.
  • I will be completely professional and above reproach in all matters both private and public, embracing high ethical standards at all times, and pledge to never bring disgrace to the honorable Office of Notary Public.

TX State Notary Public Division Information
Please visit our Texas State website for notary verification to find more contact information

TX Notary Public Mobile Fee Information
Though not specifically mentioning notaries as state officers in the statute, Texas law requires 'state officers' to bill clients for all expenses. Therefore it is recommended that you always prepare a detailed bill for any services you perform as a notary public. Discuss your fees with your signers before performing the notarial act to avoid confusion or conflict afterward. Always provide a written receipt for fees charged, completely separating any non-notary business fees such as travel expenses from the actual notary fees charged.

Texas Notary Fees / Maximum Notary Fees
Taking acknowledgments or proofs:
For the first signature:   $10.00
Each additional signature:   $2.00
Administering an oath or affirmation   $10.00
Swearing a witness for a deposition   $10.00
Taking a deposition for a witness   $.50 per 100 words
Certifying a photocopy   $10.00
Providing an uncertified copy from an entry to a notary public's record book   $.50 per page


Other Information
The main duty of a Notary Public is to show that the notary, a disinterested party, has duly notified the signer of an instrument as to the importance of such document, and the signer of such document has stated that the signer's identity, signature, and reasons for signing such instrument are genuine. The signature and stamp of a notary public do not prove the genuineness of a signature conclusively, but provide prima facie proof of them, and allow individuals in trade and commerce to rely upon the truth and veracity of the Notary Public as a third party who has no personal interest in the transaction.

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